Catalogue 8 - STAUFF Diagtronics B 29 Hydraulic Testers § Type PPC-06-plus / PPC-08-plus Product Description The PPC-06/08-plus Hydraulic Testers have been especially developed for the growing demands of system monitoring and troubleshooting in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. ƒ Automatic sensor recognition ƒ Larger data memory ƒ Possible to record MIN-/MAX values over long periods ƒ Internal trigger function ƒ External trigger function ƒ Online data transmission ƒ Display lighting ƒ Programming by PC and notebook ƒ Integrated USB interface The ergonomically designed housing and the LCD display, which sets automatically to the appropriate line size, now allows problem free use even under difficult enviromental conditions. The individual PPC-06-plus and PPC-08-plus Hydraulic Testers differ in the number of sensor inputs (3-channel or 4-channel technology). Both Hydraulic Testers can measure, store and process all relevant hydraulic parameters such as pressure, differential pressure, temperature, rotational speed and flow. The comprehensive programmer options, and the internal memory capacity in particular, allow for diverse measure- ments, trigger functions or measuring data from third-party sensors. The PPC-06/08-plus devices can store up to 1000000 measuring value points and 240000 curve memory points. The stored values can be transferred using the built-in USB interface to a PC or notebook. The included PPC software is compatible with popular PC operating systems (Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8® and Windows 10®) and permits various evaluation methods. The automatic sensor recognition feature makes the PPC-06-plus and the PPC-08-plus Hydraulic Testers easy to operate, and the testers can be individually configured to meet customer requirements without a great programming effort. Both Hydraulic Testers allow the data from third-party sensors to be measured and processed. The units are also available as a complete set. See page 46 for further information. Order Codes PPC-08-plus with 4 sensor inputs Software A PC set, consisting of a USB connection lead, length 1,5 m / 4.9 ft and the corresponding PC software, is included in the scope of delivery. The measured data and curves can be easiliy transferred and processed by using PPC-Soft-plus software as well as exported to Microsoft Excel®. Technical Data Material ƒ Housing made of fibreglass-reinforced PA Dimensions and Weight ƒ W x H x D: 106 x 235 x 53 mm / 4.17 x 9.25 x 2.09 in ƒ Weight: 530 g / 1.17 lbs Measurements / Display ƒ Pressure: in bar, PSI, mbar, kPa, MPa ƒ Temperature: in °C and °F ƒ Volumen flow: in l/min and US GPM ƒ Rotational speed: in 1/min and RPM ƒ Digital LCD display: 128 x 64 Pixel ƒ Visible area: 72 x 40 mm / 2.84 x 1.58 in ƒ Automatic numeral height adjustment Numeral height: 6 mm / .24 in with eight-line display ƒ Data output for connection to neotebook or PC ƒ 12-key membrane keyboard ƒ Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): Emitted interference: DIN EN 50081, Part 1 Interference immunity: DIN EN 50082, Part 2 ƒ Auto power off (after 20 minutes) ƒ Battery charge display Measured Data Memory ƒ Variable memory interval (1 ms ... 10 s) or variable memory time (2 s ... 100 h) ƒ Manual and automatic triggering Power Supply ƒ Power supply: 110/230 V AC (50/60 Hz) ƒ Rechargeable battery charging unit ƒ Internal nickel metal hydride (NiMh) battery 7,2  V / 700 mAh ƒ Operating time with the rechargeable battery: approx. 8 hours Sensor Inputs (5-Pin) ƒ Automatic sensor detection ƒ Input signal: 0 ... 3 V DC (R = 470 kΩ) ƒ Frequency range: 0,5 Hz ... 30 kHz ƒ Sampling rate: 1 ms ƒ Accuracy: < ±0,25% FS* Data Output ƒ Integrated USB port (USB 2.0) ƒ Online data transmission to a PC Speed individually eligible (5 ms ... 60 s) Permissible Temperature ƒ Ambient: 0 °C ... +50 °C / +32 °F ... +122 °F ƒ Storage: -25 °C ... +60 °C / -13 °F ... +140 °F ƒ Temperature error: < 0,02 % / °C ƒ Relative humidity: < 80 % ƒ CE certified ƒ IP 54 protection rating: Dust protected and protected against splashing water Version No. Integrated Data Memory for Sensor Inputs Measured Value Points Memory Curves 06-plus 3 1000000 Points 240000 Points 08-plus 4 * FS = Full Scale a Series and Type Hydraulic Tester PPC b Version With 3 sensor inputs 06-plus With 4 sensor inputs 08-plus c Calibration Without calibration certificate (none) With calibration certificate CAL PPC - 06-plus - CAL Catalogue 8 § Edition 05/2021 Hydraulic Testers