Catalogue 8 - STAUFF Diagtronics B 25 Hydraulic Testers of the PPC Series Catalogue 8 § Edition 05/2021 Hydraulic Testers The STAUFF measuring and test equipment from the PPC Series is ideal for measuring all relevant parameters in fluid technology systems such as pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow rate and power. Depending on the type, they allow evaluation, storing and further processing on PCs or notebooks. They have been developed specifically for the growing demands of system monitoring, fault tracing and parameter measuring in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. There are many different areas of application: ƒ Industrial hydraulics ƒ Mobile, agricultural and forestry hydraulics ƒ Ship and offshore hydraulics ƒ Chemicals and petrochemicals ƒ Energy and air-conditioning systems ƒ Heating and sanitary systems One of the features of the new generation of the PPC-04- plus Hydraulic Tester is its uncomplicated operation. Even in difficult lighting situations, the multi-line backlit LCD display allows the user to read out the measured values quickly and reliably. The new Hydraulic Tester is available in two variants, either with two inputs for analogue sensors or with a CAN interface for connecting up to three digital sensors. Both versions are equipped with an internal data memory and a USB port and are operated with an internal power supply (lithium-ion battery pack). The Hydraulic Testers from the PPC-06/-08-plus Series offer the option of connecting three or four analogue sensors, depending on the model. Older sensors from the STAUFF Diagtronics product range and third-party sensors can also be used with these devices without problems. Both Hydraulic Testers are equipped with a large internal data memory and an integrated USB interface and can run for several hours in battery mode. The supplied software makes it possible to view the measured values not only as numbers but also as diagrams on a PC. The powerful PPC-PAD-plus is the latest device in this range of Hydraulic Testers. This multifunction device is a new development and was specially adapted to the increased requirements in fluid technology and the user demands. This powerful analytics device features a touch screen that makes operation even easier and more efficient. The obtained measured values can be shown on the 7" touch display in different modes to allow effective, solution-based analyses. The modular structure of the sensor inputs is also new. This allows the basic unit to be expanded with a variety of different sensor inputs by adding more input modules. Another new feature are the extensive options of storing a countless variety of measuring tasks as templates, which can be called up immediately when needed. This means that even complex recurring measuring tasks can be started more or less straight away. The CAN bus sensors from STAUFF use the automatic sensor detection to enable a plug-and-play solution that is easy to install. The hydraulic testers and the sensors from the PPC Series are available as calibrated models and are supplied with a calibration certificate. Subsequent calibration can be requested with a special order designation.